“Solving Complex Legal Problems”

Bovino & Associates LLC is an Aspen boutique law firm with a global reach, serving the legal and personal needs of clients throughout the United States but primarily from the states of Colorado, California and New York. Bovino & Associates has significant experience with, corporate and real estate transactions, family law, and trusts and estates.

Using a networking approach with experienced attorneys and outside counsel, Bovino & Associates fosters collaboration, relationships, and results. This technique provides the client with counsel from the finest attorneys in their respective fields and offers comprehensive solutions to legal matters.

Attorneys at Bovino & Associates have handled matters ranging from sexual assault to trademark violations to real estate transactions to divorce and family law matters. The end game is always to give clients practical solutions to real world problems. Bovino & Associates aims to be a one stop shop for both individuals and companies.

The attorneys at Bovino & Associates understand that being an attorney and counselor gives them the strength and opportunity to represent clients while giving them realistic expectations for outcomes.

Fee Arrangement:

We are open to discuss alternatives to the traditional billable hour. We will work with each client to structure an engagement that will fits each specific client’s needs and also allows us to accept the case.

Contact us to discuss how we can work with you or your company.

Our Fee Arrangements:
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