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In 2016, Aspen attorney David Bovino and colleagues achieved a confidential settlement on behalf of client Juliana Pfister after filing a wrongful death lawsuit asserting $25 million in damages, for the murder of her mother. 

Juliana Pfister is the daughter of the late Nancy Pfister, a well-known socialite in Aspen, Colorado. 

In 2014, Nancy Pfister was killed in her home by William Styler, a former tenant who became angered when she added interest to his unpaid rent. 

According to an article published by the Aspen Daily News, “The lawsuit echoes the sentiments of many in law enforcement that Styler could not have committed the murder alone.”

Styler said that he struck the victim several times with a hammer while she was sleeping. He also told police that he tied up the victim’s body, placed it in a trash bag, and carried it to a nearby closet.

However, the man suffered from a severe neurological condition, one that made it impossible for him to walk on his own into the courtroom. As a result, it was argued by Pfister’s attorneys that his wife might have aided or at least been complicit in the homicide.

With the help of Bovino & Associates, Pfister filed a lawsuit against the killer’s wife, seeking more than $25 million.  As a result of a stipulation motion filed by Pfister’s attorney in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Massachusetts, she received $850,000 of the $1 million life insurance benefit left to Styler’s wife after he committed suicide in prison. The Pfister wrongful death settlement is just one of many legal victories achieved by Aspen attorney David Bovino and his team.

A long-time resident of Aspen, Colorado, David Bovino is the founder of Bovino & Associates, a boutique firm specializing in complex litigation, family law, estate planning, and more. Bovino belongs to the Colorado Bar Association, California Bar Association, Pitkin County Bar Association, Los Angeles County Bar Association, American Bar Association, and American Association for Justice. He invites you to join him for a free consultation today to discuss your legal needs.

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